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Arkaos LED Mapper (OP=OP) Zoom

Arkaos LED Mapper (OP=OP)

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Code: HL50221
Merk: Showtec
Arkaos LED Mapper (OP=OP)

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    LED lighting has become *the* emerging technology for live entertainment and TV over the last few years. To answer the market's need for an intuitive and flexible software solution to drive LED panels, Arkaos is proud to announce the inchLED Mapper extension inch for Arkaos VJ DMX.

    The LED Mapper extension for the Arkaos VJ DMX media server software allows mapping of the server's video output directly to any configuration of LED panels without the need of using expensive hardware to convert video signal (VGA or DVI) into DMX signal.

    Pixel colors or intensity are sent directly from the media server to the panels through the ArtNet protocol (DMX over Ethernet) which, if needed, can easily be converted into a standard DMX signal using simple Ethernet-DMX node. The LED Mapper extension allows you to import your own mapping of LED devices into Arkaos VJ DMX and makes it possible to control many of them from a single Arkaos VJ server (the only limitation being the 256 DMX universes).

    Mapping editor

    To create and edit your panel configurations (mappings), the LED Mapper extension features an external editor that allows you to pick devices from an extensive library and place them interactively on the screen. While editing the mapping configuration, you can view the result of your configuration in real time as it is sent over artnet to your LCD panels (supports pictures only).

    Once happy with your mapping, you can save it to a file and import it into Arkaos VJ DMX which broadcast its output according to your specific configuration.

    To connect LED Mapper over Artnet, the Liteputer DMX-Node 2 (50800) can be used.

    This DMX-node will translate the Artnet signal to two dmx outputs, with a total of 1024 DMX channels on one DMX-Node.
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