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Arkaos VJ/DMX Software Zoom

Arkaos VJ/DMX Software

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Code: HL50220
Merk: Showtec
Arkaos VJ/DMX Software

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    "ArKaos VJ DMX is the dazzling fast software that will enable you set up outstanding video shows in a matter of seconds. Build a full performance using only a few simple video loops from your hard drive, mixing and altering them using more than 100 real-time effects.

    Take control of your show
    ArKaos VJ DMX lets you control every aspects of your live visual show from within your console: assign visuals to be displayed, trigger effects, use camera inputs, drive effect parameters? all of this live and directly from your sliders and buttons. You can now seamlessly integrate a professional video control system into your existing lightshow architecture.

    Real time high quality visuals
    ArKaos VJ DMX also takes advantage of graphic card acceleration through its Hardware Accelerated video engine (HW Mode) which produces an unprecedented visual smoothness and image quality and makes it possible to rotate, zoom and change the color for each layer in real time from the DMX Fixture Control Mode.

    Tons of effects, so many parameters
    On top its 60+ original effects or 40+ Hardware Accelerated effects, ArKaos VJ DMX supports additional FreeFrame effects (an open cross-platform real-time video effects plug in standard) and comes shipped with 42 pre-loaded FreeFrame effects!

    Works with mostly any lighting desk
    Version 3.6 allows a better integration on most lighting desks making it possible through a simple network connection to see the file names and thumbnails of your visuals and monitor the output directly from the lighting desk thanks to the new MSEX protocol (Media Server EXtension) which has been implemented in collaboration with Capture, ETC and Chamsys.

    In order to adapt to an even wider range of consoles, ArKaos VJ DMX features two different DMX control modes:

    ? Simple Control Mode:
    This mode is targeted to low-end consoles. It allows triggering pre-defined setups of visuals & effects using dimmers. Even a simple 24 faders controller is enough to control your visuals in this mode!

    ? Fixture Control Mode:
    Targeted to professional DMX consoles, the Fixture Control mode transforms your computer into a full-fledged media server. When enabled, eight video layers are available and you can control the visual & effect selection,
    position, scaling, rotation, RGB levels, effect parameters, Chroma/Luma keying ? for each layer directly from your

    Multiscreen and widescreen with Soft-Edge
    ArKaos VJ 3.6 now allows to define a custom resolution for output making it possible - from a single computer! - to display your visuals across multiple screens (i.e. different visuals on separate screens) or on a wide screen (i.e. a large visual on several screens next to the other) with a Soft-Edge option for seamless blending between the projections.

    Flexible and powerful, yet so affordable
    These solutions offers much more flexibility than most hardware media servers while lowering your costs since most recent low cost computers are capable of playing high quality video; triggering ArKaos visual effects from a DMX lighting console offers the ease of a simple and inexpensive setup to control both your projection screens and your light show.

    ArKaos VJ 3.6 for Mac comes as Universal Binary, the PC version is fully compatible with Windows XP. The software box contains an additional DVD stuffed with 2GB of high quality visuals ready to be mixed.
    The software installs in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

    At the core of its products is the ArKaos Engine, which has been continuously refined over the years. It runs on both PC and Mac, and is essential to the superior performance of the ArKaos products.


    The ArKaos technology incorporates formats such as:

    Windows Media Video?,
    QuickTime?, Shockwave?
    Flash? and more

    video: .wma, .wmv .swf .mpg .mpeg .asf .mov (with QuickTime installed)
    image: .jpg .bmp .pict (with QuickTime installed) On a Mac:
    video: .mov and all other formats supported by QuickTime
    image: .jpg .bmp .pict

    Arkaos can be used in combination with Medialon? and integrated in MIDI or DMX environments."
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