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Cloud VTX-WM1 card Zoom

Cloud VTX-WM1 card

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Merk: Cloud
Cloud VTX-WM1 card

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    Cloud VTX-WM1 kaart


    Web monitor card voor de VTX serie.

    - Network connection status
    - The settings of all amplifier rear panel switches and gain controls
    - Protection circuitry activity
    - Internal temperature
    - Power status and input signal level for each channel
    - Fan operation
    - RL-1 remote volume control setting (if fitted) are also confirmed.

    The VTX-WM1 web monitor card is a retrofittable option for Clouds new VTX power amplifiers.TheVTX-WM1 has a standard Ethernet interface, and connects to the buildings existing IT network. It allows the amplifiers performance and settings to be monitored at a remote location using any computer(or PDA, smartphone, etc.), via its normal Internet browser application. No dedicated software application or hardware is necessary. As well as checking the integrity of the amplifier, theVTX-WM1 generates
    a test signal for the load impedance test, at one or more user-definable frequencies.The system can also be configured to generate an email report (optionally formatted for SMS text forwarding) if theVTX detects a fault condition. (Assumes the necessary Internet connection and email account are established.)

    Optional Ethernet interface for Cloud VTX power amplifiers, allows remote monitoring of amplifier status from any computer, anywhere
    Operates with any web browser no dedicated software necessary
    Uses standard network protocols, not Audio over Ethernet; can be used on an existing IT infrastructure
    Simple and intuitive user interface
    Easy to set up
    Monitors internal temperature, signal level, PSU status, protection circuitry and fans
    Confirms all amplifier rear panel control settings
    Checks load impedance on demand, or at scheduled times, using user-defined frequency
    Real-time clock for event logging
    User-definable polling interval
    Automatic email or SMS text alert on pre-defined fault condition
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