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Crown XLS 202D versterker, 2x200W Zoom

Crown XLS 202D versterker, 2x200W

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Crown XLS 202D versterker, 2x200W

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    Power Output (1 kHz*)
      Stereo Bridge-Mono
    8 Ohm 4 Ohm 8 Ohm
    XLS 802 500W 800W 1600W
    XLS 602 380W 600W 1200W
    XLS 402 300W 450W 900W
    XLS 202 200W 300W 600W
    *1 kHz Power: refers to maximum average power in watts at 1 kHz with 0.5% THD.

    The following applies to units in Stereo mode with 8-ohm loads unless otherwise specified.


    Sensitivity (volts RMS) for full rated power at 4 ohms: 1.25 V.

    Frequency Response (at 1 watt) 22 Hz to 20 kHz: +0 dB, –0.8 dB.

    Signal-to-Noise Ratio (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
    A-weighted, below rated power:
    >98 dB.
    No weighting, below rated power:
    >93 dB.

    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.5%.

    Intermodulation Distortion (IMD):
    (60 Hz and 7 kHz at 4:1) from full rated output to –40 dB: < 0.3%.

    Damping Factor (8 ohm) 10 Hz to 400 Hz: >200.

    Crosstalk (below rated power)
    at 1 kHz:
    –76 dB. at 20 kHz: –58 dB.

    Input Impedance (nominal): 20 kilohms balanced, 10 kilohms unbalanced.

    Load Impedance: Rated for 2 to 8 ohms per channel in Stereo, 4 to 8 ohms in Bridge Mono.

    AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations Available (±10%): 120 VAC 60 Hz, 100 VAC 50/60 Hz, 220 VAC 50 Hz, and 230-240 VAC


    Level: Two front-panel rotary level controls, one for each channel.

    Power: Front-panel switch; on when in the IN position.

    Circuit Breaker: Back-panel breaker provides overload protection.

    Mode Switch: Back-panel switch selects Dual or Bridge-Mono mode.


    Signal Presence Indicators: Two green LEDs, one for each channel, illuminate when the channel’s input signal exceeds –40 dBu.

    Clip Indicators: Two red LEDs, one for each channel, illuminate when the channel’s output is being overdriven.

    Power Indicator: Blue LED indicates amplifier has been turned on and AC power is available.

    Fault Indicator: Two red LEDs illuminate when amplifier is in protect mode. Also illuminates briefly during normal power-up when amplifier is first switched on.


    Input Connectors: One per channel; back-panel three-pin female XLR input connectors.

    Output Connectors: Two 4-Pole Speakon® Output Connectors accept 2-pole or 4-pole Speakon connectors. The top Speakon connector is wired for both channels so it can be used for bridge-mono wiring or for stereo wiring of two speakers to a single Speakon connector.
    One pair of back-panel binding posts per channel; accepts banana plugs or bare wire. (European models do not accept banana plugs.)


    XLS Series amplifiers provide extensive protection and diagnostic capabilities, including output current limiting, DC protection, circuit breaker, and thermal protection.


    Ventilation: Flow-through ventilation from front to back.

    Cooling: Internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling for rapid, uniform heat dissipation.

    Air Volume Requirements (per minute per unit): 80.15 ft³ (2.27 m³).

    Dimensions: EIA Standard 19-inch (48.3-cm) rack mount width (EIA RS-310-B), 3.5-inch (8.9-cm) height and 15.2-inch (38.6-cm) depth.

    Net Weight:

    XLS-202: 23.0 lb (10.4 kg)
    XLS-402: 25.7 lb (11.7 kg)
    XLS-602: 29.0 lb (13.2 kg)
    XLS-802: 35.5 lb (16.1 kg)

    Shipping Weight:
    XLS-202: 28.0 lb (12.7 kg)
    XLS-402: 30.7 lb (13.9 kg)
    XLS-602: 34.0 lb (15.4 kg)
    XLS-802: 40.5 lb (18.4 kg)

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