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Dateq MAC5, Mengversterker Zoom

Dateq MAC5, Mengversterker

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Code: DTMAC5
Merk: Dateq
Dateq MAC5, Mengversterker

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    Space efficiency is more and more important these days.Besides, it is a proven fact that size has it's limitations; until now....

    The MAC5 is the answer when you are looking for a compact, powerful multifunctional Mixing Amplifier Combination.The MAC5 is equipped with 2 zones and 9 inputs. The built-in sound pressure limiter makes the MAC5 a compact music center, suitable for pub, installation, or rental venues.

    The first 3 inputs are provided with a microphone preamplifier with a 2-band equalizer and a gain control for optimum speech intelligibility.Channel 1 has a talk-over circuit to improve the speech intelligibility. A "Talkover" switch can be activated to make an announcement overriding the current playing source. The threshold can be trimmed accordingly. With this function one can take very quick action in case of a calamity.

    Both master outputs have a two-way equalizer.The master A speaker outputs are of the Speakon NL4 type.These are modern, heavy duty, connectors that can handle the extreme high current, and have a sturdy construction. Also the connection will be functioning trouble free for life.The Master B output can be used to connect a second zone through an external amplifier. This is an asymmetrical output on gold-plated cinch connectors.

    The powerful amplifier section of the MAC5 delivers 2 x 500Watt/4 Ohms. This newly designed "Class D" circuit is very energy efficient, compact and very light. The built-in fan cooler is part of the temperature controlled heat dissipation management.

    To keep the installation even more compact, a simple SPL limiter has been built-in. With this feature, the maximum output of the amplifier can be restricted to the maximum allowed (restricted) soundpressure level. Afterwards the unit can, if required, be sealed.

    A send & return in and output is another feature that can be found at the back of the MAC5. This can be set to a "link" and "chain" modus, and makes it possible to connect an external reverb or equalizer unit.

    A sub output for an optional subwoofer is also part of the design. The low-pass filter output will pass all signals below 120 Hz. Through the extended low frequency range extra "warmth" and "richness" will be added to the music when an active powered subwoofer is connected.


  1. 7 channels (3 x microphone, 4 line)
  2. Phantom power supply
  3. Gain level per channel adjustable at the back
  4. Low & High eq. on three inputs and both masters
  5. FX-Send/Return busses with "hard & soft" switch
  6. Subwoofer output
  7. Cue-ing possibility
  8. Built-in Powersoft
  9. 2 x 500 Watt RMS/4 Ohm power amp module
  10. Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors
  11. Built-in DATEQ SPL based limiter
  12. Only 3 HE high, weighs 6,3 kgs. 210 cm depth
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