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DBX 166-XL 2 kanaals compressor limiter, gate Zoom

DBX 166-XL 2 kanaals compressor limiter, gate

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Code: XL166XL
Merk: DBX
DBX 166-XL 2 kanaals compressor limiter, gate

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    Most compressor/gates provide less than musical compression, coupled with gating that swallows transientsor closes early, cutting off decay and reverb tails. The superb engineering in the 166XL ensures that both its compression and gating provide versatility and excellent sonic performance in situations where other compressor/gates typically produce undesirable processing artifacts.

    When using the 166XLs Attack and Release controls, artists and engineers will find that the center settings deliver classic dbx compression, while the full control range produces voicings that extend from slow leveling to aggressive peak limiting.The 166XLs advanced gate circuitry uses a completely new, program-dependent timing algorithm to produce ultra-smooth release characteristicseven with complex signals, such as voice or reverb decays. dbx engineers went on to take advantage of the wide dynamic range and high precision of the dbx V1 VCA to design in an extra-wide threshold range and ensure top gating performance for each application.

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