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DBX 215 Dubbele 15 bands EQ Zoom

DBX 215 Dubbele 15 bands EQ

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Code: XL215
Merk: DBX
DBX 215 Dubbele 15 bands EQ

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    The dbx 2-Series Graphic Equalizers have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straight forward controls. The 215 not only provides standard features like dual channels, 15 2/3 octave bands, ISO frequency meters, +/- 12dB input gain range, and switchable 50Hz/12dB octave low-cut filters, but also includes other thoughtful features. These features include: 20 mm faders; selectable +/-6dB or +/-12dB boost/cut range for precise gain adjustments; XLR, and 1/4" TRS connectors for installation ease; balanced inputs and outputs for quiet operation; and chassis/signal ground lift capabilities for quick hum isolation. The visionary design of the dbx 2-Series has been pursued to make your job easier.

    Technische info:

  1. Two 15-band, 2/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands
  2. Switchable boost/cut ranges of 6 or 12 dB
  3. 12dB per octave, 3dB down @ 50Hz low-cut filter
  4. Front panel bypass switch
  5. 12 dB input gain range
  6. 4-segment LED ladders for monitoring output levels
  7. XLR and TRS Inpts and Outputs
  8. Internal Toroidal Transformer
  9. Frequency Repsonse of <10Hz to >50kHx
  10. Dynamic range of greater than 108dB

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