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Enttec DMX PlayBack MKII Zoom

Enttec DMX PlayBack MKII

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Code: EP105004
Merk: Enttec
Enttec DMX PlayBack MKII

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

€ 319,00


    Enttec DMXPlayBack MK2
    With this unit, you can record and store a light show, then let the unit playback the show for as long as you like. The DMXPlayBack MK2 is perfect for unattended light shows or demonstrations that run continuously. The unit can store up to 500 static scenes per show.

    A show can be programmed to start: when the unit is powered, external trigger ....

    You could even control the PlayBack from any RS232 capable device: show control system, Hyper Terminal, basic stamp ... (check the communication protocol in the download section for a complete set of commands).

    Clients have also used the DMXPlayBack MK2 with a more sophisticated control systems such as AMX? systems, where multiple DMXPlayBacks were used to ouput DMX512 pre recorded scenes. Loading and fading of the scenes were commanded from RS232.

    The DMXPlayBack Mk2 also offers REALTIME control of your lighting fixtures, when you change a parameter on the PalmPilot or PC the changes occur on the DMX ouput too. You can use it as a debugging tool.

    Package Contents:

    - DMXPlayBack MK2 Unit
    - PC Serial Port Cable (DB9 to DB9 Connector)
    - Software
    - User manual

    Technical Specifications:
    - Full DMX512 stream (512 channels)
    - Data compression for extended show capacity
    - Up to 12 different shows can be stored
    - Thousands of scenes
    - Scene capture via DMX input
    - Easy to use RS232 control protocol
    - Many show startup uptions
    - Auto Show loop (loop once -> no stop)

    By Combining the DMXPlayBack Mk2 and the DMXPlayBackRemote, you can have a complete 12 show control system that fits in a 19 inch 1 U rack space.

    The DMXPlayBack Mk2 hardware fits into a robust 9.5 inch 1 Unit rack, 2 Can be mounted side by side to form a standard 19 inch rack The DMXPlayBack has 4 connectors: DMX512 IN, DMX512 OUT, RS232 and Power (DC Jack). All cables are supplied to connect the unit to your computer.

    Klik hier om de ShowEditor te downloaden (externe website)
    Klik hier voor alle DMXPlayBack MKII downloads (externe website)

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