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JEM 2 Club Smoke heads, a 1000W Zoom

JEM 2 Club Smoke heads, a 1000W

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Code: FL200360
Merk: JEM
JEM 2 Club Smoke heads, a 1000W

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    A unique two head smoke package with a "ground based" fluid supply.

    The Club Smoke System is a unique two-head smoke package with a "ground-based"fluid supply specifically designed for club installations. This special smokedelivery system blends into any club dcor with the compact smoke headscontinually delivering a high volume of dense white smoke.

    The split system allows the two smoke heads to be installed in inaccessibleareas such as in high trussing, club ceilings or under floors, while the fluidsupply (10 liter) and pump system (wall mounted Service Module) is installed ina more convenient location such as the DJ booth or storage cupboard. No morehigh-wire fluid refills! The Club Smoke System is also DMX compatible (onservice module).

    The systems reliability is enhanced by the inclusion of the Electronic LowFluid Cut Off System and overheat protection. Other great features include amultifunctional, auto timer remote featuring 8X mode and smoke output levelcontrol. High output is guaranteed thanks to the trusted design of Jems 1000Wvaporizing system fitted to both smoke heads. Furthermore a sturdy "U"bracket allows the head to be mounted at any angle.

    • 1000w heater (Each head)
    • 7 minute heat up time
    • Single channel DMX operation
    • Analogue link socket (Each head)
    • Approx. 500m3 smoke output
    • Multifunctional Remote Control
    • Output level control
    • 10 liter fluid container
    • Continuous smoke output
    • Direct Thermal Protection Device
    • Smoke Output (approx. each head): 500 cubic metres/min, 17657 cubic feet/min
    • Dimensions of Smoke Head: 330mm x 310mm x 165mm
    • Weight of Each Smoke Head: 10kg
    LET OP:Werkt niet zonder de Martin Club Smoke Service module!

    Deze heads horen bij het JEM Club Smoke systeem

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