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Laserworld Pro Line RGY Laser Zoom

Laserworld Pro Line RGY Laser

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Code: FL801025
Merk: Laserworld
Laserworld Pro Line RGY Laser

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    The RGY Laser projectors are equipped with our newest 50k galvo system. Therefore, perfect displaying of beam- and graphic shows in high resolution is guaranteed. For mixing the colors, the laser projectors use our newest optics with extremely less power loss. Despite of its impressive capability, the RGY laser projectors have very compact dimensions and a low weight.  They don’t need a water supply like many other lasers with similar power. This allows you to use the laser for nearly all applications. The laser can be controlled with every ILDA laser software and of course, through DMX512 and Stand-Alone.

    Technical specifications:

    • Output power: guaranteed: 350mW; typical: 400mW RGY (yellow), TTL
    • Lasers: 100mW / 532nm (green); 250mW / 650nm (red)
    • Laser class: 3b
    • Beam properties: 3mm/1mrad
    • Scanner system: very fast galvo system with excellent projection quality
    • Deflection angle: max. 60° optical
    • Scanspeed: max. 50.000pps
    • Control mode: ILDA, DMX 512, sound, automatic & test modes
    • ILDA: 25pin ILDA Standard Sub-D shaped 25pin connector
    • DMX 512: 14 channels
    • Basic patterns: 160 + 4 show sequences
    • Effect channels: Rotation, bounce, size, color, slowdraw, stretch & rolling etc.
    • Laser Safety: achieve highest safety standards with 4 integrated safety circuits.
    • accessories: power cable, mountings, manual, remote interlock, key, flightcase.
    • power supply: 110~240V AC  50/60 Hz
    • power consumtion: 120W
    • meassurements: 550 x 320 x 310 mm (L x W x H)
    • weight: 15kg ; incl. Flightcase: 28kg
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