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Martin CX-10 Colourchanger, incl. lamp Zoom

Martin CX-10 Colourchanger, incl. lamp

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Code: FL703058
Merk: Martin
Martin CX-10 Colourchanger, incl. lamp

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    The CX-10: Changing so much more than color.
    The new CX-10 is not just the next color changer in the Martin range - it is an evolution in decorative lighting.
    Using the boundless combination of color and pattern, the CX-10 layers every environment with the shape and shade of its intended use, pronouncing the message your club, your space, your decor wants to communicate.

    Featuring a motorized color and effect wheel and mesmerizing morphing effects, the CX-10 lets you redecorate your space from moment to moment with just the right mood and message.

    The CX-10 is extremely versatile in its application usage. Designed to suit a wide array of environments such as clubs, restaurants, rental and stage, the CX-10 gives you light as an alternative to building materials, setting the mood and promoting individuality.

    Color wheel
    A motorized color wheel with 12 interchangeable colors plus open, gives split color function and a continuous scroll effect.

    Effect Wheel
    A motorized, double sided effect wheel gives you a total of 13 dual positions and the ability to overlap effects. Each position can be fitted with colors, CTC filters, gobos, textured glass or beam apertures.

    Extreme Floodlight Effects
    Unique in such a fixture, the CX-10 uses floodlight effects to disperse light into every corner of the room no matter what the space.

    Extreme Output
    The CX-10 is the big brother of color changes. A powerful 250W discharge lamp and a highly efficient reflector give a forceful beam of light to detail every pattern.

    Frost, Dimmer and Strobe Effect
    The CX-10 comes with a frost filter to sharpen or soften the projected color, a variable speed strobe and an exceptionally smooth dimmer.

    Compact design
    In the CX-10, design starts even before the light hits the lens. Despite its abundance of features, the CX-10 is a compact and elegant fixture that wont crowd your ceiling.

    Easy maintenance and low noise formula
    A combination of mechanical and design factors coincide to reduce noise emission to the comfortable levels demanded by theatres and studios. Easy access to lamp and critical components make the CX-10 easy to clean and service.

    Animation disk adapter
    The Color wheel on the CX-10 can be replaced or supplemented with an animation wheel to give naturalistic effects such as flickering flames or rippling water. Color flags can then be transferred to the effect wheel where combined with gobos or textured glass, a brilliant decor effect is given.

    • Motorized color wheel with 12 interchangeable colors plus open
    • Split color function with continuous scroll effect.
    • Motorized, double sided effect wheel with 13 dual positions to overlap effects.
    • Extreme floodlight effect
    • Smart compact design
    • Extreme output through 250W discharge lamp
    • Animation disk adapter
    • Frost filter
    • Variable speed strobe.
    • Total lumens output = 3928 lumens.
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