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Showtec Shogun DJ RG-100 Zoom

Showtec Shogun DJ RG-100

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Code: HL32010
Merk: Showtec
Showtec Shogun DJ RG-100

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    The Shogun DJ RG-100 is a 100mW laser effect, equipped with a red and green DPSS laser. Due to the two different laser-colors the Shogun DJ RG-100 can create beautiful laser shows. The Shogun DJ RG-100 is very suitable for mobile DJs and small clubs.
      Technical Information:
    • Laser Power: 60mW Red Laserdiode 650nm en 40mW DPSS 532nm
    • Thermal Electric Cooling
    • Micro stepping motor scanning
    • 100 preprogrammed effects
    • DMX-512
    • Sound-activated
    • Master/Slave option
    • Power supply: 230V
    • Compliance to IEC 60825-1
    • Remote interlock
    • Key Switch
    • Emission Indicator
    • Class IIIB Laser product

    Lasers come into fashion within the entertainment industry. Now they are less complicated and also less expensive. Lasershows can be very beautiful and attractive. However it is important to keep the safety in mind in order to avoid any dangerous situation!

    There are two main standards that have been written for the safe use of Laser Technology for entertainment purposes. These are the IEC 60825-1-2001 and the ANSI standards. All Showtec lasers are in accordance with both standards and have all the necessary laser safety features on board such as remote-interlock, delay, key switch, emission indicator. At this moment, more and more cheap lasers are offered by various companies. We strongly recommend to check clearly if a laser corresponds to the standards before buying it. Showtec guarantees that all our lasers comply with the IEC 60825-1-2001 and have a real CE certificate.

    Lasers below 5mW are safe to use without any problem. However lasers above 5mW can be dangerous if you not use them properly. Unfortunately there is not a general European rule about how to use a laser safe. Each country has its own regulation. Specially for use of the strong lasers we recommend you to check your local regulations in order to know if you have to take any pre-cautions. Showtec is a member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). Being an ILDA member company involves great responsibility. These responsibilities range from adherence to ethics, safety practices and standards, complying with measures to ensure the safety of the public. At Showtec we are committed to being an active and upstanding member of ILDA and to uphold what ILDA stands for.

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