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Enttec DMX PlayBack Remote MKII Zoom

Enttec DMX PlayBack Remote MKII

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Code: EP105005
Merk: Enttec
Enttec DMX PlayBack Remote MKII

Beschikbaarheid: In voorraad

€ 282,00


    Enttec DMXPlayBackRemote
    The DMXPlayBackRemote is an add-on for the DMXPlayBack. It acts as a remote control to start on of the 12 shows stored in the DMXPlayBack. The remote has 6 switches and 1 shift key, 6 opto isolated screw terminal switch inputs on the rear of the rack and can be controled using any infra-red remote. The remote is connected to the DMXPlayBack using a single DB9 cable, no power supply is needed, this cable can be up to 5 meters long.

    DMXPlayBackRemote Uses:
    - Shop fronts, program the required numebr of shows and let the shop owner run what he wants.
    - Bars, let the bar man change the "mood" (light show) when he wants without needing to fiddle with a console.

    The DMXPlayBackRemote is a fool-proof interface to the DMXPlayBack remote, you can label each switch for added simplicity. There are no settings to change, just press the button and the show starts. Pressing another button will stop the current show and start the selected one, it's that easy.

    The DMXPlayBackRemote fits into a robust 9.5 inch 1 Unit rack. It can be mounted next to a DMXPlayBack or a few meters away.

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